Yard Waste

Collection Schedule

If you live south of 8th Street South:

  • Yard waste will be picked up on Mondays and Thursdays

If you live north of 8th Street South:

  • Yard waste will be picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays

Please note that only yard waste bags with "Brookings Municipal Landfill" printed on them will be picked up. Please place the bags in your normal pick-up area. Be careful to not overfill them.

The yard waste bags are collected and processed into compost at the Landfill. Residents can pick up free compost from the Landfill at any time.

Yard Waste Collection Holiday Schedule

  • Sunday and Monday holidays
    • Monday’s yard waste will be picked up on Tuesday. Tuesday’s yard waste will be picked up on Wednesday.
  • Tuesday and Thursday holidays
    • Yard waste will be picked up on Wednesday.
  • Friday and Saturday holidays
    • Friday’s yard waste will be picked up on Thursday. Thursday’s yard waste will be picked up on Wednesday.

NEW  - Yard Waste Carts

Please call the Brookings City Landfill at (605) 693-3667 to request a cart.

Yard Waste Carts FAQ

Q: I still have some brown yard waste bags. Can I still use them?

A: You can use them throughout this year. In the year 2020 the City will be picking up both the carts and bags. 

Starting in the spring of 2021 the City will no longer accept bags unless they are placed in the yard waste cart.

Q: Will there be a fee for a yard waste cart?

A: There is no additional cost to add a yard waste cart to your City of Brookings curbside service.

Q: Can I get a second cart?

A: An optional additional cart can be added for a fee of $4 which will be added to your monthly utility bill.

Q: Can I place tree branches in my cart?

A: No. Tree branches/trimmings are not accepted in yard waste carts. Carts containing these items will not be picked up. Branches/tree trimmings should be delivered to the landfill.

Where to Purchase Yard Waste Bags

Yard waste bags are available for purchase at Walmart, Hy-Vee Food Store, Hy-Vee Gas Station, Lewis Drug, Runnings Farm and Home, Lowes Home Improvement, Homestead Do-it Center and Gas ’N Mor. 

Yard Waste Material Accepted in Yard Waste Bags and Carts

  • Flowers and weeds
  • Grass clippings
  • Stalks
  • Vines
  • Small twigs - Less than 1/2" diameter (branches are not permitted).
  • Leaves

Note: No trees or branches will be accepted in yard waste bags or carts. Residents can drop off tree branches at the Landfill for free or put branches out during Spring Clean Up.

No Tree Branches Allowed Image of Yard Waste Cart with tree branches in it and x over it

Coming Soon Yard Waste Carts Graphic