Public Participation for City Council Meetings

The City Council welcomes participation in all public meetings.

During this time of concern with COVID-19, we encourage members of the public to reach out to the City Council prior to the meetings with their comments. City Council meetings will remain open to the public at this time. We will be enforcing social distancing, and only a select number of individuals will be allowed in the Chambers. We will use the 3rd Floor lobby as an over-flow area for staff and the public.

You may also give public comment using our new eComment platform.  More information and instructions are available by visiting our Citizens Guide - Making an eComment.

If you would like to make a virtual public comment during a City Council Meeting, please send a text to (605) 651-2166 or send an email to .  Thank you!

When you feel strongly about a public issue or a local concern, the City Council encourages you to share your information and thoughts with them. If you are unable to attend a meeting or would rather not give testimony at the meeting, you are encouraged to mail (Brookings City Council, 520 3rd St., Suite 230, Brookings, SD 57006), fax (605-692-6907), or email a letter which would be made a part of the official record.

City Council Emails:

Mayor Keith Corbett

Council Member Patty Bacon

Council Member Leah Brink

Council Member Dan Hansen

Council Member Ope Niemeyer

Council Member Holly Tilton Byrne

Council Member Nick Wendell

City Clerk, Bonnie Foster

Open Forum Details

To speak during the Open Forum, you may talk on any item and/or concern not scheduled for a public hearing.

If you want to speak on the topic at a public hearing scheduled for that evening, you must comment during the public hearing portion of the meeting.

When you talk with the Council, step up to one of the microphones and identify yourself by stating your name. You are not required to give this information but it is helpful for the Council to know who you are. Be sure to speak into the microphone clearly. If you are speaking for a group, you must tell the Council how the group developed the position that you are presenting.

If previous speakers have already made the comments you wish to make, feel free simply to identify yourself and indicate your agreement with what has already been said.