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Services Provided
  • Mosquito control  Transportation Fair
    • Treat ponds, waterways, city parks, ball fields, bike paths and other areas of dense vegetation that harbor mosquitoes 
    • The goal is to eliminate larvae and adult mosquitoes
  • Snow removal and sanding 
    • Sand, plow and blade ice or snow that has accumulated on the streets
  • Street maintenance and repairs
    • Seal streets and perform crack sealing and asphalt road repairs
    • Resurface and grade gravel roads and alleys 
  • Street paint
    • Line-stripe roadways
    • Paint directional arrows, yellow curbs, pedestrian crossings and parking areas 
  • Storm sewer maintenance
    • Inspect and maintain the storm sewer system
  • Street signage
    • Install and maintain street markers and traffic control signs 
  • Street sweeping
    • Sweep all hard-surfaced streets, alleys and municipal parking lots
  • Weed control
    • Spray streets, alleys, drainage ditches, and city parking lots to eliminate noxious weeds

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