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Criminal Investigative Division
About the Criminal Investigative Division
Criminal Investigative Division
The Brookings Police Department Criminal Investigative Division (CID) is comprised of seven personnel that include a lieutenant, sergeant, three detectives, and two school resource officers. The division investigates a variety of cases ranging from white collar crimes, sex offender registration, drug investigation, to serious assaults. 

Types of Cases
The caseload for the division is measured in three areas:
  1. Cases initiated by members of the division - This normally occurs after a report is taken by a member of the division
  2. Cases assigned for follow-up to a member of the division - This occurs after an initial report is taken by an officer of the department and assigned to a member for investigative follow-up
  3. Supplemental narratives to ongoing investigations - These are reports completed by members of the division, documenting investigative activity

Report a Crime
To report a crime to an investigator, call (605) 692-2113.

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