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Citizens First Responder Academy
Sgt. Justina Hilmoe outlines what the participants are going to experience at the academy. Program Overview
The Brookings Police Department is proud to present a program that provides insight to the public on the responsibilities and operations of our department. On March 15, 2010, our first Citizens Police Academy began.

The Citizens First Responder Academy is an informative learning process that provides an opportunity for citizens to receive eight weeks of both classroom and field instruction regarding the various responsibilities facing our officers. Academy attendees are also made aware of the procedures and techniques used by officers in a variety of scenarios, together with the rationale and justification in support of those procedures or techniques. Fifteen officers from the Brookings Police Department conducted eight weeks of training.

Participants experience clearing a structure utilizing "simunitions." Encouraging Citizen Participation
The Citizens First Responder Academy was designed to accomplish several goals. The most important goal was to establish lines of communications between the citizens of Brookings and their police department. Additionally, we wanted to develop an understanding of our role in the community. The objective of the academy is not to produce police officers from the graduates, but to make better informed citizens, with an accurate knowledge of the Police Department's responsibilities and functions. Our first academy was an overwhelming success.

Class Details

Class attendees receive information and instruction on such issues as use of force, defensive tactics, narcotics enforcement, special operations, criminal investigations, evidence gathering techniques, SWAT, K-9 demonstrations and much more. Participants had hands-on experiences with defense tactics, traffic stops, crime scenes, drug dog, Simunitions and live range. All of this is enhanced by their opportunity to ride along with an officer for a real life experience. The first Citizens First Responder Academy graduated 17 attendees.

Program Mission
The mission of the Brookings Police Department’s Citizen First Responder Academy is to educate the citizens of Brookings and gain their acceptance and cooperation through training and building partnerships

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