Covid-19 Safe Shopping and Dining Tips - Text only

Covid-19 Tips – Be Smart, Be Safe: Brookings South Dakota.

Shopping and Dining Safety Tips.

Protect Yourself – ­Wipe down your cart or basket using sanitizing wipes.

Carry Hand Sanitizer and use it frequently.

Leave your bags at home - COVID-19 Can live on surfaces for quite a while.

For this reason, we ask you leave your reusable shopping bags at home and utilize single-use bags at this time.

Distance Yourself - Use Social Distancing.

Leave at least 6 feet of space between you and other shoppers or employees.

Shop by yourself - Reduce public crowding

Make it one, short trip - Make a list of items you need before you get to the store.

This will help you make sure you get everything the first time and minimize potential exposure.

Pre-Shop online - Many stores offer online shopping with pickup or delivery services.

You can minimize contact by staying out of the store - Pick up outside.

Pickup and Delivery - Many restaurants are offering food pickup and delivery services.

Call your favorite local establishment to see if they are open and offering services. Support local businesses.

Ask a neighbor or friend for help - If you are considered at risk or if you are sick - please stay home.

Ask a friend or family member to shop for you and leave food outside your door.

You can also dial/call 211 for assistance.