Emergency Ordinance 20-005 At a Glance

Covid-19 update and info

Emergency Ordinance 20-005 at a glance.

Effective at 7:00 p.m. Monday, March 23rd, 2020 through April 8th.

We’re closed – list of businesses affected


Food courts

Coffee houses





Cigar bars

Vaping lounges

And other similar places of public accommodation offering products, or food and beverages for

On-site consumption, including any alcohol licensees with on-sale privileges.

Note: the businesses listed above are closed to on-site/on-sale patrons. These businesses may continue to operate in order to provide take-out, delivery, curbside service, and drive-through service. Cigar bars and vaping lounges may continue to offer products for sale to be consumed off-site.

All recreational facilities

Public pools

Health clubs

Athletic facilities


Music venues

Entertainment venues


Bingo halls

Bowling alleys

Indoor golf ranges


Indoor climbing facilities

Skating rinks

And other similar recreational or entertainment facilities

Salons (hair & tanning)



And other similar facilities

Prohibited Activities

All social or recreational gatherings of 10 or more persons are prohibited in the City of Brookings unless listed below. All citizens and visitors of the City of Brookings must comply with the CDC guidelines of social distancing (6 feet of separation from others and no group gatherings of 10 or more). This does not prohibit gathering of members of a single household or residence. This does not include a group of persons at the following locations:

Office space, child care facilities, multifamily residential buildings, or any type of temporary shelter or housing;

Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and group living facilities and other health care facilities;

Places of worship;

Stores and pharmacies;

Any location at which persons purchase supplies or services in furtherance of their employment.

We’re open – list of businesses that are not affected

Places of public accommodation that offer food and beverages for
off-site consumption, including:

Grocery stores


Retail stores that offer food convenience stores


Drug stores

Food pantries

Note: the businesses listed above may not operate any portion of their business which offers on-site food consumption such as dine-in service.

Hardware and supply stores

Retail shops & stores

And other similar facilities

Room service in hotels

Health care facilities

Chiropractic Facilities

Massage Therapy

Residential care facilities

Congregate care facilities correctional facilities

Places of worship/Churches

Crisis shelters

Homeless shelters

Meeting Groups such as AA

Soup kitchens

Child or adult care centers

And other similar institutions

Any emergency facilities necessary for the response to the current public health emergency or any other community emergency or disaster.

Official meetings of the city, schools, county, or state.

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