Make An eComment

Making an eComment Instructions

NOTE: You will be required to set up an account to use this feature. Anonymous comments are not allowed.

1. Access the Meeting Agenda at:

2. To view City Council Meetings, click on the Calendar Tab

a. Then selection under List View, select 2020 from the drop-down menu, and select City Council from the meeting body drop-down menu.

b. Search for your meeting by date

3. The eComment option will be located in the far right column.

4. Click on the eComment link to begin.

5. The meeting agenda items will be displayed.

6. Click Comment next to the appropriate agenda item. The eComment form will become available for that agenda item.

7. (Optional) Select an option that reflects your position on the item: (Oppose / Neutral / Support)

8. Enter your comments in the field provided. There is a 500 character limit. (A running counter displays how many characters are remaining as you type.)

9. (Optional) If you want to add an attachment to your comment, click Choose a File, and upload your file. There is a limit of 3 files. (files must be in pdf, doc, text, csv, and xls)

10. Click Submit Comment.

11. You will be required to set up an account: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

12. Following setting up your account, you will receive a verification email. This email needs to be accessed to verify the email. Once your account is verified, please log Username and Password for future access.

13. View Comments allows users to view comments made on individual agenda items by other constituents.

Video Instructions